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We understand it is difficult keeping the doors open of a business or event in a pandemic. We want to make it easier!


Our healthcare team will provide your organization with on-site human and environmental COVID-19 testing. You can choose to have these tests just once or work with us long-term to ensure whether your peers are safe from the virus.


All test results are available through an easy to use dashboard for clients and the corporation. Although our processes are easy to follow, we remain in full compliance with The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.


Negative test results will confirm that your organization’s existing measures are effective.


Positive test results will be flagged and we will work with you to handle the situation efficiently and provide your establishment with safety measures going forward.

Stay open. Stay safe.



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Create long-term plans for safety in the COVID-19 pandemic

No one was prepared for the pandemic and with no clear end in sight for COVID-19, forward-thinking corporations are turning to innovative ways to keep their employees and customers safe, on-site COVID-19 testing is one of those ways.


"Many Canadians are feeling the stress of self-isolation, as well as worry and anxiety regarding their health and their economic future." (Canada)


In response, corporations are turning to us to improve employee safety and reduce the anxiety of coming to work. Our team of healthcare professionals works at your site to provide COVID-19 testing for your employees, environmental testing (surfaces, etc.) where the virus can be found, and provide site monitoring for events with multiple people in attendance.

But How?

The pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of shared spaces and the people within them. And while rapid testing has been the focus as a means for risk reduction, it is only part of the solution. 

A Multi-layered Approach to COVID-19 Prevention

Our services will help your business mitigate the risk of pathogens spreading, including COVID-19, and help promote a healthy environment for your employees, making your customers feel safer and increasing your chances of keeping your organization open and ready for business.


Custom, Evidence-based Plans

We create customized plans to help you keep your employees and customers safe. We provide an on-site assessment of your organization and use gold standard and Health Canada approved equipment for human and environmental testing at your business location.  The assessment will consider such things as the physical details of your location, a number of employees, infection rates of your area, particularly in comparison to your safety measures … etc. This information will be used to identify risk and create strategies to mitigate it.